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Sell with confidence and never oversell again.

Your inventory and sales synchronized and centralized, regardless of how many sales channels you have - online or offline.
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Dealing with multiple sales channels is hard and adds a whole lot of work.

You shouldn't be doing the work between your different sales platforms.

Selling online creates new operational problems you probably didn't expect.

Selling online and in-store requires you to keep up with your sales on both platforms and update their inventory manually.
Overselling and emailing customers to apologize and refund is routine
It takes working time out of your home time to manually update each platforms' on-hand quantities.
It's easy to make mistakes when manually updating inventory on either platforms.
It's hard to keep track of sales when having to review each platforms separately.
receiving orders with SwiftCount
shipping orders with SwiftCount

Track your sales and inventory in one place.

One place that gathers all your sales data and updates your inventory levels automatically.
Never oversell again
Update inventory levels in all your sales channels automatically
Manage all your inventory in one platform
Track all your sales in one place
🚀 Centralize your inventory between Shopify and Lightspeed POS
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Some of our supported sales channels

You shouldn't have to do the work twice, let your channels speak to each others.

Online stores


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Point of Sale



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Feature connect sales channels
Connect all your sales channels
Track sales and inventory in one place, regardless of how many sales channels you have.
feature setup
Done-For-You Setup
Don't worry about the setup, our onboarding team will do it for you. After you decide to get started, we will schedule all the steps with you.
feature curbside pickup
Curbside Pickup
Organize your curbside pickup orders  and automate the communication with your customers throughout from order to pickup.
feature count
Inventory Counts
Even with automation, the most successful inventory-based businesses control their inventory or need a fresh start once in a while.
feature order management
Order Management
Manage vendors and re-orders directly within SwiftCount and receive to the right sales channels or warehouses.
feature support
Live chat and phone support
We are available to you whenever you need us. You can reach out to our support via phone, live chat, or open a ticket with us via email.


Keep your inventory levels & product information updated
Connect multiple sales channels
Manage inventory in one place
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