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Curbside Pickup & Delivery

SwiftPick allows you to keep track of your pickup orders and deliver amazing customer experience

Choosing the right technology partner to support your business

SwiftCount allows you to better support your customers. Be nimble, be efficient, but do it well.
track orders by stages

Keep track of orders by stages

Keeping up with all your curbside pickup orders can get overwhelming very quickly.
With SwiftCount, keep track of your orders by stages, from Received, Picked and all the way until Ready for Pickup.
Automate the communication with the customer until pickup

Automate the communication with the customer until pickup

Good communication is paramount for getting repeat customers. When they place an order, they expect you to keep them in the loop. They want to know what's going on with their order. That's why SwiftCount automate the communications for you.
avoid bad customer experience

Avoid wait time and bad customer experience

For your customers, every pickup is "Skip-the-line". No need to to wait in line for your turn to call in when ready to pickup. SwiftCount allows your customers to communication key information like vehicle description, location and drop-off information.
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step #1

Create a Pickup order or import directly from a third party

Save time and avoid mistakes when fulfilling on pickup orders.
Quickly select products and quantities ordered
Print the order or send via email in an instant
Filter orders by customer or status for easy tracking and support
Instantly notify customers with their order details automatically
Create a pickup order
Keep customers in the loop
Step #2

keep your customer in the loop with your own mobile dynamic website

Increase your customer experience with transparent communication.
Easily display to the customer, which stage their orders are in
Allow the customer to check on their order status from anywhere
Update the status of their order automatically
step #3

Dispatch and pick orders from the mobile app

Increase your order accuracy towards 100%
Dispatch to as many pickers as you need
Scan the products and orders' barcodes using your mobile device camera
Get sound and visual alerts when reaching the right quantities or over picking
Capture and track serials and lot numbers
Dispatch and pick orders
Get all the key information
step #4

Your customers let you know when arrived, with all the key information

The next level of communication and efficiency with your customers.
Let your customers communicate with you from their vehicle without having to call
Easily know key information like your customers' vehicle, it's location and additional drop-off information
Quickly print order report and email order receipts
about us
SwiftCount is the result of over 30+ years creating reliable inventory management tools and making inventory processes more efficient for warehouse and retail businesses. Today, our platform is used by multi-millions dollar warehouses, managing hundreds of thousands of SKUs and recording hundreds of shipments every single day, each. SwiftCount is as reliable as the biggest well-known enterprise softwares out there.
Albert Amar CEO SwiftCount
Albert Amar
CEO of swiftcount
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