Spend less time on your inventory tasks both in the store and in the books!

SwiftCount helps retail stores in more than +14 industries and growing


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Trusted by over +120 retail businesses, including…

“The move over from pen and papers, to tablet and then to SwiftCount, just seemed a logical progression for where our business was going”

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Why does your business need SwiftCount?

3 reasons why you should use SwiftCount in your Bussiness…



Save Time On Counting & Receiving Inventory


Assign staff members to receive and count inventory easily from a mobile device.


No headaches keeping your stock levels in sync


Connect your ecommerce, POS, warehouse and accounting in sync.


Benefit from a bigger picture & control of your inventory


Get meaningful reporting, track progress of your staff´s inventory activities and see locations breakdown of your stock levels, at all time.



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Popular feature

Scan To Receive

Assign staff members to control and receive orders right from a mobile device

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Popular feature

Mobile Counts

Organize recurring inventory counts, assign staff members to count right from their mobile device and track progress on your cloud portal.

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SwiftCount works for retail businesses in…

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Apparel & Shoes
Cafe & Baked Goods
Health & Beauty


Furniture & Decor
Jewelery & Watches


Sporting Goods
Quick Service Retail