Lightspeed POS (Retail)

Lightspeed empowers independent businesses, allowing them to compete with big box retailers.





Key benefits


Fast & mobile inventory counts.


Manage your inventory in multiple units of measure.


View your store inventory breakdown by locations and sub-locations.


Instantly keep Lightspeed in sync.



“As technology has gotten a little friendlier and better integrates with itself, the logical conclusion for a group like us was to find systems to play well together… The move away from pen and paper to SwiftCount just seemed like a logical progression…”


How SwiftCount integrates with Lightspeed


This case study reveals: How Lightspeed merchants cut their inventory time and efforts by 73% using SwiftCount.


Connect SwiftCount to your Lightspeed account

Within just a few clicks, you will be connected to your Lightspeed account and all your products will be uploaded to your SwiftCount account.


Setup an inventory process that works for you

In SwiftCount, setup your recurring inventory counts and assign the purchase orders your staff needs to control and receive.


Receive and Count in SwiftCount

Use the app to receive your new products and count your inventory regularily.


Keep an eye on your inventory levels

Keep an eye on your inventory levels in Lightspeed (synced automatically). For a more detailed view of your inventory and track progress on your inventory tasks, open your SwiftCount dashboard.