All the inventory features your retail store needs

Whether you have a simple store, or advanced inventory needs, we got you covered


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Key benefits


Clarity on all your products stock levels, within different locations and sublocations.

Time saving on everyday inventory task like receiving products and counting inventory.


Control on the current and up-coming inventory task with real time update.

Hassle-free management with at-a-glance dashboard view and in-depth reporting.




Feature highlights



Assign staff members to control and receive orders right from a mobile device.

Multiple units of measure

Manage and see your product levels in different units of measure (ie. boxes, cases, packs, rolls, eaches…)


Inventory Counts (mobile)

Organize recurring inventory counts, assign to staff members to count right from their mobile device and track progress on your cloud portal.

Store locations breakdown

Add a layer of clarity with “locations” within your store(s) to know exactly where your products are.



Pack & Ship (fulfill orders)

Track your fulfilment process and make delivering outside your store easy.

Lot & Serial numbers

Manage your inventory with advance tracking and requirements.


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