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Our story


The SwiftCount journey is born AFTER 30+ years of experience, helping retail store owners and distribution companies implementing new and more efficient inventory management processes and tools.

In all 30 years, there was one single pattern that stood out: as companies sell more products and grow, keeping efficient and low operations cost is hard.

Inventory tracking is time consuming, and managing it is even harder without an accurate view of what you have.

The solution? Creating an amazing software platform that makes the inventory handling as simple and friendly as possible, starting at the store and warehouse operation level, the roots of it all.

Today, SwiftCount is the go-to inventory management tool of hundreds of retail and distribution businesses around the

world, who now:


Have clarity on all their product stock levels, within their different locations and sub-locations.


Are saving time on their everyday inventory tasks like receiving products, counting inventory and more.


Have better control and view on their current and up- coming inventory tasks with real time update.


Enjoy hassle-free management with at-a-glance dashboard view and in-depth reporting.




Our team

The SwiftCount team is a growing combination of many incredible people




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